kal cahoone was raised in colorado and studied piano as a young child. Her mother had a passion for folk music (bruce cochburn, judy collins, gordon lightfoot, leonard cohen, the fairport convention, tim buckley) and Kal never imagined that one day she would also be a fan.

A friend and admirer of members and wives of local bands like the denver gentlemen and 16 horsepower (now woven hand) in her early 20’s she was inspired to create but wanted out of denver and the states.

After receiving a degree in Spanish she ended up in valparaiso chile, living on a hill (cerro alegre) in total solitude with nothing but a typewriter and a Beautiful view. Here she began writing songs, at age 26.

Six months later she took a bus across the Andes, arriving in Buenos Aires. Within a few days she met composer Christian Basso and they began recording together and eventually married. Thier song “The Movement” can be heard in the film “Dot the I” starring Gael Garcia Bernal. She also took up accordion, which was easier to travel with than a piano.

Some years later she returned to Denver and immediately formed band Tarantella with John Rumley (Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and Hush) where they also shared a meaningful co-writing situation. Since 2000, kal has recorded with Lilium, and has appeared doing back-up vocals for locals Munly and Roger Green. Kal has been onstage to play keyboards for Woven Hand and has appeared with The Denver Gentlemen.

In 2008 she released  ep “Build the Fire” accidentally named so by then drummer Mark McCoin. This was her first “solo” attempt and began with some songs written for and inspired by Wim Vandekeybus, director of Ultima Vez dance troup after being invited to Belgium to collaborate (with brand new baby along for the crazy ride!) Roger Green plays guitar here and both Elin Palmer and Julie Davis lay down some lovely strings and vocals. Recorded by Randall Frazier at Helmet Room Recordings.

In 2009 “Saints and Stars” was  recorded by Colin Bricker and Jason McDaniel and performed wonderfully by her then band: Matt Shupe on guitar, Jason McDaniel on Bass, and Mark McCoin on drums/percussion and again with the talented Elin Palmer on violin. Glenn Talor lays down some pretty pedal steel on “Evita” and the newly found Al Scholl appears on “Fellow Sparrow”.

In 2009 Kal walked into a little guitar repair shop just two blocks from home after seeing a vintage avocado colored acoustic with the name “Stella.” Here she met the very talented guitarist Al Scholl and from here began a new collaboration. He invited his friends to play with them (former members of Denver band “Rabbit is a Sphere”) including the talented Christopher Nelsen on drums and Georgina Guidotti on Bass. Eventually Evan Mellichampe replaced her on bass and to this day remains a faithful member along with Elin Palmer on violin and vocals.

They released ep under the name “Kal Cahoone and the Dirty Pretty” The Sickness and the Cure in 2013 again recorded at kind and talented friend Colin Bricker’s studio.

Art work on these two cd’s by Melissa Rick and photo by Gary Isaacs.

Thanks to Wang Zen for this website.